My name is Christina, I am a self taught artist and designer. I was born and raised in Chicago. Where I'm from is just one of the many influences that inspired my brand. There are so many chapters to the story of Finesse86. But here's a quick prologue to how it got started...

When I was a sophmore in high school, I choose commercial art as my elective. It was a class that exposed me to different software programs, different art medias and design opportunities. When the idea came about for creating a brand, I needed a name. I knew I wanted the name to fall within the realm of art. There were 2 names I once pondered on, but neither stuck. I literally took my search for the perfect name to the dictionary and Thesaurus. Since I've had this love for creativity I wanted the name to mean "art" and or "skill". I eventually came across the word "Finesse". But I wanted to make it my own, so I added the year I was born (1986)...and tada!! Finesse86 was born. 

What is Finesse86?


-skillful handling of a situation : adroit maneuvering

Finesse86 is my ideas and aspirations through design. It's a creative outlook on how I want the world to see my thoughts visually. All my designs are positive. Positivity is the #1 driving point for my brand. I want to get the world out of this need to spread negativity. I want people to get out of the habit of thinking one answer is the only answer; one reason is the only reason. We're taught to dislike something or someone, because of society's rule. I do not follow the "status quo". I do not follow everything that's considered normalcy. Finesse86 is a, love for all brand.


To create positive designs that are affordable, use my passion to influence and inspire a change to society's negative thinking.